How to use Emberly

Get started with Emberly with this guide. Learn about the basics, useful features, and common use cases.

How to use Emberly


To learn how Emberly's UI works, check out the tree below. Each of the nodes in this tree contains instructions; click on them to see what's inside.

(Tip: Click the full-screen icon to make it more readable 🤓)

There is no need to learn all this at once. This tree works great as a reference, so you can look it up whenever you're stuck.

Useful features

When you are up to speed on the basics, perhaps some of these features can be useful for you.

Easily embed your skill tree in Notion, Medium, and more
We have partnered up with Embedly to offer seamless embeds in 1000s of platforms—like Notion and Medium.
Bi-directional links
A hierarchy is the best way for our minds to organize topics about what we know. But when it comes to connecting ideas, nothing beats linking them together.


You can use Emberly for lots of things. Besides the primary purpose as a knowledge library, there are also many other ways to make use of it:

  • Keeping track of projects
  • Creating learning plans
  • Tracking learning and skills
  • Managing belongings
  • Sharing curated content
  • Team wiki
  • Sharing a tree of their skills as a supplement to their CV.
  • As a mind-map to create an overview of a topic

Here are two articles covering some of the examples mentioned above:

Bring a skill tree to your next interview
A traditional CV only reveals a fraction of your skillset. Don’t leave yourself at a disadvantage. Instead, create a map of your skills to show your true versatility.
Manage everything you own with a mind-map
The things we own come with a lot of information. Receipts, user manuals, model numbers, and maintenance instructions. How can we keep track of it all?

Get tips from the community

If you are hungry for more information, we have a community chat for Emberly on Discord. It's a great place to learn from others, share your insights, and find answers. Happy to have you join! 🥳

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That's all for now. If you still have questions, please contact me by mail at, or post a question to the "problems and answers" channel on the Emberly Discord Server.

Have a great day!