Why we choose not to track our users

Why we choose not to track our users

We have both been internet natives since the very early days of the web, and we are not fans of the development that most large corporations have been fronting.

By collecting massive amounts of data about all aspects of our lives, they can use that data to influence our purchasing decisions and political views and fundamentally change our worldviews.

We strongly believe this is wrong. No company should have that much power. Your data should be your own. No one should be able to view it unless you explicitly grant them access. And most of all, no one should be able to use that data to manipulate you.

Therefore, to make the world a little better, Emberly has:

  • No tracking
  • No sharing of your data (Only what you choose to share)
  • No ads
  • No dark design patterns (Attention-grabbing, manipulating, and addiction making design)
  • No email spam

Our strong view on privacy is why we chose Fathom analytics instead of the traditional solutions when integrating analytics in Emberly. It only tracks how many visitors our landing page has had in a given day and how many people clicked on the big yellow sign-up button. It contains no data that can be tied to anyone.

This screenshot contains all the data we see using Fathom.

You can read more about Fathom Analytics here: https://usefathom.com/

Inside Emberly there is no hidden data tracking either. All your data is always visible to you.

Internet privacy is one of the most important yet severely neglected issues of our day. So by taking a stand we hope to be a part of the solution instead of adding to the problem.

Kind regards, Leif and Gina.